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Giftable Books: Sandra Boynton

on November 18, 2013

Sandra Boynton’s books are just plain fun.  The illustrations are cute, and the text is catchy and rhythmic (if a little off-the-wall at times).  These are 3 very charming bedtime(ish) books to give as gifts.

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Dinosaur’s Binkit

A personal favorite, favorably road-tested by a number of toddlers of this librarian’s acquaintance.  This touchable book tells the familiar story of a little dinosaur who won’t go to bed without his missing lovey.

The Going to Bed Book

A more rousing bedtime story than Dinosaur’s Binkit, this is a goofy tale of shipbound animals whose unconventional bedtime routine (bath THEN exercise? really??) nonetheless ends soothingly and quietly.

Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs!

Not strictly a bedtime book, this book of silly opposites (“dinosaurs early and dinosaurs later, dinosaurs crammed in an elevator”) does end with the easily bedtime-convertible phrase “Dinosaurs looking right at you to say goodbye because we’re through”.


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