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Happy Birthday, Marc Brown!

on November 25, 2013


Marc Brown, the creator of Arthur and all his friends, is celebrating his birthday today!  When you check out your favorite Arthur chapter, beginning reader or picture book today, wish him a very happy birthday!




Arthur Chapter Books

Arthur’s Mystery Envelope

Arthur and the Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club

Arthur Makes the Team

Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest

Arthur Accused

Locked In the Library

Buster’s Dino Dilemma

Mystery of the Stolen Bike

Arthur and the Lost Diary

Who’s In Love with Arthur

Arthur Rocks with Binky

Arthur and the Popularity Test

King Arthur

Francine, Believe It Or Not

Arthur and the Cootie Catcher

Buster Makes the Grade

Muffy’s Secret Admirer

Arthur and the Poetry Contest

Buster Baxter, Cat Saver

Arthur and the Big Blow-Up

Arthur and the Perfect Brother

Francine the Superstar

Buster’s New Friend

Binky Rules

Arthur and the Double Dare

Arthur and the No Brainer

Arthur and the Comet Crisis

Arthur and 1001 Dads

Arthur Plays the Blues

Arthur and the Bad-Luck Brain

Arthur Loses His Marbles

Arthur and the Nerves of Steal

Arthur and the World Record


Arthur Step Into Reading

Arthur’s Reading Race

Arthur’s Science Fair Trouble

Arthur and the New Kid

Arthur Breaks the Bank

Arthur Lost in the Museum

Arthur’s Reading Trick

Arthur in a Pickle


Arthur Picture Books

Arthur and the True Francine

Arthur Babysits

Arthur Goes to Camp

Arthur Lost and Found

Arthur Meets the President

Arthur Tells a Story

Arthur Turns Green

Arthur Writes a Story

Arthur’s April Fool

Arthur’s Baby

Arthur’s Birthday

Arthur’s Christmas

Arthur’s Computer Disaster

Arthur’s Eyes

Arthur’s Family Vacation

Arthur’s First Sleepover

Arthur’s Halloween

Arthur’s Mystery Babysitter

Arthur’s New Puppy

Arthur’s Nose

Arthur’s Perfect Christmas

Arthur’s Pet Business

Arthur’s Teacher Moves In

Arthur’s Teacher Trouble

Arthur’s Thanksgiving

Arthur’s Tooth

Arthur’s TV Trouble

Arthur’s Underwear

Arthur’s Valentine


D.W. Picture Books

D.W. the Picky Eater

D.W. the Big Boss

D.W.’s Perfect Present

D.W.’s Lost Blankie

D.W.’s Library Card

D.W.’s Guide to Preschool

D.W.’s Guide to Perfect Manners

D.W. Rides Again

D.W. Go To Your Room!

D.W. Flips

D.W. All Wet

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