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Giftable Books: The Silly

on December 23, 2013

Looking for a gift book that’s just plain fun for any age?


Saxton Freymann is known for his inventive, wacky food sculpture…bananas become dogs, cucumbers cars and peppers have moods.

How are you peeling? : foods with moodsFood for thought : the complete book of concepts for growing mindsFast food


William Wegman‘s exceptionally well-trained weimaraners can do all the same things humans can do…watch tv, tend a farm and walk their pets.

Little Red Riding HoodWilliam Wegman's Mother Goose / William Wegman.542688


Press Here by Herve Tullet9677870

This adorably goofy interactive picture book will have kids thinking they’re making the illustrations grow, shift and change colors.

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