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American Girl Historicals

on January 15, 2014

Kaya (1764)Meet Kaya : an American girl

Meet Kaya

Kaya’s Escape

Kaya’s Hero

Kaya and Lone Dog

Kaya Shows the Way

Changes for Kaya

The Silent Stranger


Felicity (1774)

Meet Felicity

Felicity Learns a Lesson

Felicity’s Surprise

Happy Birthday Felicity

Felicity Saves the Day

Changes for Felicity

Peril at King’s Creek

Lady Margaret’s Ghost

Traitor in Williamsburg


Caroline (1812)

Meet Caroline

Caroline’s Secret Message

A Surprise for Caroline

Caroline Takes a Chance

Caroline’s Battle

Changes for Caroline

Traitor in the Shipyard


Josefina (1824)

Meet Josefina

Josefina Learns a Lesson

Josefina’s Surprise

Happy Birthday Josefina

Josefina Saves the Day

Changes for Josefina

Secrets in the Hills


Marie-Grace and Cécile (1853)The haunted opera : a Marie-Grace mystery

Meet Marie-Grace

Meet Cecile

Marie-Grace and the Orphans

Troubles for Cecile

Marie-Grace Makes a Difference

Cecile’s Gift

The Haunted Opera


Kirsten (1854)

Meet Kirsten

Kirsten Learns a Lesson

Kirsten’s Surprise

Happy Birthday Kirsten

Kirsten Saves the Day

Changes for Kirsten 

The Runaway Friend


Addy (1864)

Meet Addy

Addy Learns a Lesson

Addy’s Surprise

Happy Birthday Addy

Addy Saves the Day

Changes for Addy

Shadows on Society Hill


Samantha (1904)

Meet Samantha

Samantha Learns a Lesson

Samantha’s Surprise

Happy Birthday Samantha

Samantha Saves the Day

Changes for Samantha

Nellie’s Promise

Clue in the Castle Tower

Cry of the Loon


Rebecca (1914)

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca and Ana

Candlelight for Rebecca

Rebecca and the Movies

Rebecca to the Rescue

Changes for Rebecca

A Bundle of Trouble

Secrets at Camp Nokomis

The Crystal Ball


Kit (1934)

Meet Kit

Kit Learns a Lesson

Kit’s Surprise

Happy Birthday Kit

Kit Saves the Day

Changes for Kit

Really Truly Ruthie

Danger at the Zoo

Midnight in Lonesome Hollow

Thief in the Theater

Missing Grace


Molly (1944)

Meet Molly

Molly Learns a Lesson

Molly’s Surprise

Happy Birthday Molly

Molly Saves the Day

Changes for Molly

Brave Emily

Clues in the Shadows

Light in the Cellar

Spy on the Home Front


Julie (1974)

Meet Julie

Julie Tells Her Story

Happy New Year Julie

Julie and the Eagles

Julie’s Journey

Changes for Julie

Tangled Web

Puzzle of the Paper Daughter

The Silver Guitar

Lost in the City

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