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Downloadable Foldables: Origami for Ebooks

on March 3, 2014

Want to share the downloadable book, magazine, audiobook and music fun?

Folding instructions:

1) Print and cut out the Cootie Catcher image.

2) Place with printed side up and fold in half crossways.  Open the paper back up, and fold in half again in the opposite direction.

3) Flip the paper over so the blank side is up.  Fold corners into center.

4) Turn over (printed side up), and fold corners into center again.

5) Turn over so the circles are on top.  Slide your thumb and forefinger behind 2 tabs and gently press together so they meet.  Repeat with the other side until all four points meet in the middle.

Playing instructions:

1) Choose a symbol and alternate directions opening the cootie catcher as you spell the word.

2) Choose which type of downloadable you’re interested in and lift the flap to find out how to access it!

cootie catcher 2

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