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New Call Numbers, New Books: Pre-R(eaders)

on March 6, 2014

Our children’s department reorganization continues apace!

Our Picture Book collection is becoming our Pre-Reader (C PRE-R) collection.  Meant for sharing with young children who are not yet reading independently, this collection will now be sub-divided into broad “genres”, then arranged within each genre by author’s last name.  Some books that used to live in our picture book area that were meant more for older kids/independent readers in spite of their “picture book look” will now be found in Kids Fiction.

The genres in this collection will include:

● Animals (including dinosaurs and imaginary/mythological animals)

● Arts (dance, singing, etc.)

● Bedtime

● Board Books

● Concepts (letters, numbers, shapes, etc.)

● Folk & Fairy Tales

● Get Moving

● Growing Up (including books about childhood milestones, stages of life, common issues/problems such as being afraid of the dark or getting glasses, family changes and behavior/manners)

● Me & My World (including books about school, friendships, neighborhoods, celebrations and other childhood experiences)

● Nature

● Rhymes & Songs (including books in rhyme that are do not fit into other categories)

● Stories (a general category for books that do not fit the other categories)

● Things That Go (cars, trains, etc.)


Here are some new books in our collection that will be found in the Pre-R section:

What’s Your Favorite Animal? (Animals)What's Your Favorite Animal?

The Sun, the Moon and Origami Grammie by Christine Kallevig (Arts)

Maisy Goes to the Movies by Lucy Cousins (Growing Up)

Maisy Goes to the Movies

Once Upon a Northern Night by Jean Pendziwol (Bedtime)

Once upon a northern night

Ocean Counting by Janet Lawlor (Concepts)


Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle by Christopher Raschka (Get Moving)

Everyone can learn to ride a bicycle

A Trip to the Library by Josie Keogh (Me & My World)

A trip to the library

Rain! by Linda Ashman (Nature)


Sing by Joe Raposo (Rhymes & Songs)


Train by Elisha Cooper (Things That Go)


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