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Kidpreneurs: novels about kids who start their own businesses

on May 12, 2014

Success or fail, they’re definitely funny.

Flat Broke: the theory, practice and destructive properties of greed by Gary PaulsenFlat broke : the theory, practice and destructive properties of greed

Fourteen-year-old Kevin is a hard worker, so when his income is cut off he begins a series of businesses, from poker games to selling snacks, earning money to take a girl to a dance, but his partners soon tire of his methods.





The Richest Kids in Town by Peg KehretThe richest kids in town

New to town and homesick for his old life, fourth-grader Peter teams up with a classmate to earn money for a trip to his old hometown but all their moneymaking schemes have unexpected results.





Adam Canfield, the last reporterAdam Canfield, the Last Reporter by Michael Winerip

A “dirty” school election, suspicious state test scores — Adam Canfield and his star reporters are chasing some red-hot leads. There’s only one glitch: the school board has shut down THE SLASH for exposing the town’s most powerful family, and now the staff has to find a way to publish it themselves. Enter the Ameche brothers: two goofy kid entrepreneurs with a knack for refurbishing junk — and a talent for selling ads — but a shaky command of journalistic ethics. What’s worse, Adam hasn’t a clue why his coeditor, Jennifer, is suddenly acting weird. . . . With kid-friendly humor and a touch of budding romance, this new adventure revisits a winning cast of characters — and the excitement that comes from uncovering a really great story.

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