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Book Brag: Take Me Out to the Yakyu by Aaron Meshon

on June 12, 2014

Do you have a junior baseball fanatic at your house?  Take Me Out to the Yakyu will feed their passion for the great American pastime while introducing the sport’s huge following in Japan.

Colorful alternating pages show the stages a little boy’s trip to the ballpark with his grandfathers, one in the US and one in Japan.  The similarities are as evident as the differences.  Pop Pop and Ji Ji both get their excited grandson fan gear (a foam finger and jersey in the US, a horn and towel in Japan) and stadium snacks (hot dogs and peanuts vs. edamame and soba noodles).  They see a 95 mph fastball (153 kph sokkyu) and a home run at both games.  They cheer for their teams, then come home where Gramma and Ba Ba have a bath waiting.

This Librarian’s baseball-fiend children love using the Japanese cheers and scour the spreads contrasting the American and Japanese experiences, looking for ways they are alike and different.  Highly recommended for kids who are about to go see a baseball game, whether it’s in a stadium or a dome, or who just love baseball.Take me out to the Yakyu

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