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Science!: What is the Dew Point?

on July 7, 2014

shutterstock_139242983You might hear about the dew point when you listen to the weather report?  But what is it?

Click here for a basic explanation of what the dew point is then click on over here to get instructions for a neat experiment about how to calculate the dew point.




For more information about meteorology and weather, check out these books:


Weather Mania by Michael DispezioWeather mania : discovering what's up and what's coming down

Discusses air pressure, temperature, humidity, dew point, rain, wind, lightning, thunder, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other weather-related topics.




I Can Read about Weather by Robyn SupranerI can read about weather

Looks at how weather occurs, including information about evaporation, clouds, precipitation, and the job of meteorologists



Science Alive: Weather by Darlene LauwWeather

Introduces concepts related to weather through various activities and projects.

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