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Word of the Day: SWIMMING

on July 9, 2014

Swimming with Hammerhead Sharks by Kenneth MallorySwimming with hammerhead sharks

One of the world’s experts on hammerhead sharks, marine biologist Pete Klimley is fighting the stereotype of sharks as primitive and vicious killers. In fact, hammerheads exhibit some remarkably sophisticated social behaviors, including their schooling in the hundreds at underwater seamounts in the Pacific Ocean. To tell the story of these incredible animals, author Ken Mallory talked with Pete Klimley and then traveled to tiny Cocos Island, 330 miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. There, he had the chance of a lifetime to see these awe-inspiring animals up close.



Cork and Fuzz: the swimming lesson by Dori ChaconasCork & Fuzz : the swimming lesson

Cork the muskrat wants his best friend Fuzz, a possum, to visit his home, but first he must teach Fuzz to swim and not be afraid of the water.






Samantha the Swimming Fairy by Daisy MeadowsSamantha the swimming fairy

When Jack Frost’s goblins steal Samantha the swimming fairy’s magic goggles as part of their plan to win the upcoming Fairyland Olympics, Rachel and Kirsty try to help Samantha get them back.





Just Keep Swimming by Melissa LagonegroJust keep swimming

When Nemo worries that his too-small fin will keep him off the school swim team, his friend Dory encourages him.

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