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Back to School: Kindergarten

on July 16, 2014

Is your kiddo excited about their first day of “big kid school”? Nervous? Some of both? Try these books to get them ready to go!


I’m Telling You Dex, Kindergarten Rocks! by Katie DavisI'm telling you, Dex, kindergarten rocks!

Dexter knows everything there is to know about kindergarten and is not at all scared about his first day there, but his stuffed dog, Rufus, is very nervous.





Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! by Nancy CarlsonLook out kindergarten, here I come!

Even though Henry is looking forward to going to kindergarten, he is not sure about staying once he first gets there.





Tiptoe into Kindergarten by Jacqueline RogersTiptoe into kindergarten

A young preschooler accompanies her big brother to kindergarten and discovers a fun atmosphere, full of blocks and books, paints and puzzles.





The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha WingThe night before kindergarten

In the narrative tradition of “The Night Before Christmas,” shows children from all over town preparing for their first day of kindergarten, imagining what wonders they will see.





The Kissing Hand by Audrey PennThe kissing hand

When Chester the raccoon is reluctant to go to kindergarten for the first time, his mother teaches him a secret way to carry her love with him.




My Mom Made Me Go to School by Judy Delton

Archie hates the idea of his first day in kindergarten and everything connected with it, but he ends up going and finds it tolerable.


I Love School! by Philemon SturgesI love school!

A brother and sister describe the things they love to do during their day at kindergarten.

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