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High Lexile (1000+) nonfiction: World History

on August 22, 2014

Your Travel Guide to Ancient Greece

Your travel guide to ancient Greece

Day, Nancy 1000
In Search of Tutankhamun: The Discovery of a King’s Tomb Caselli, Giovanni 1020 IG
Your Travel Guide to Ancient Mayan Civilization

Your travel guide to ancient Mayan civilization

Day, Nancy 1020
Government in the Ancient World

Government in the ancient world.

Ancient Aztecs

The ancient Aztecs

Sonneborn, Liz 1030
Roman Colosseum, The

The Roman Colosseum

Mann, Elizabeth 1030
Ancient Chinese, The

The ancient Chinese

Schomp, Virginia 1040
Your Travel Guide to Ancient Israel

Your travel guide to ancient Israel

Sherman, Josepha 1040
Tutankhamen’s Gift

Tutankhamen's gift

Sabuda, Robert 1050 AD


Gravett, Christopher 1050

Around the World in a Hundred Years: From Henry the Navigator to Magellan

Around the world in a hundred years : from Henry the Navigator to Magellan

Fritz, Jean 1050
Your Travel Guide to Ancient Egypt

Your travel guide to ancient Egypt

Day, Nancy 1050
Roman Army: The Legendary Soldiers Who Created an Empire

The Roman Army : the legendary soldiers who created an empire

Blacklock, Dyan 1060 IG
Your Travel Guide to Ancient China

Your travel guide to ancient China

Sherman, Josepha 1060
Ancient Greeks

The ancient Greeks

Lassieur, Allison 1060
Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia : the sumerians, babylonians, and assyrians

Schomp, Virginia 1070
Vikings, The

The Vikings

Schomp, Virginia 1080
Hatshepsut, His Majesty, Herself

Hatshepsut, his majesty, herself

Andronik, Catherine 1080
How to Make a Mummy Talk

How to make a mummy talk

Deem, James 1090
Ancient India

Ancient India

Schomp, Virginia 1090
Ancient Kushites

The ancient Kushites

Sonneborn, Liz 1090
Ancient Romans

The ancient Romans

Lassieur, Allison 1090
Secrets of the Sphinx

Secrets of the Sphinx

Giblin, James Cross 1100

The Colosseum

DuTemple, Lesley 1100
How the Sphinx Got To the Museum

How the sphinx got to the museum

Hartland, Jessie 1120 AD
Weapons & Warfare: From the Stone Age to the Space Age

Weapons & warfare : from the stone age to the space age

Meltzer, Milton 1120
Ancient Inca

The ancient Inca

Calvert, Patricia 1120
Bodies From the Ash

Bodies from the ash

Deem, James 1120
Mummies: the Newest, Coolest & Creepiest 

Mummies : the newest, coolest, and creepiest

Tanaka, Shelley 1130
Ancient Celts

The ancient Celts

Calvert, Patricia 1130


Netzley, Patricia 1140 NC
Food: Its Evolution Through the Ages

Food : its evolution through the ages

Ventura, Piero 1140


Gravett, Christopher 1140
National Geographic Kids Everything Castles

Everything castles

Boyer, Crispin 1150 NC
Mysteries of the Mummy Kids

Mysteries of the mummy kids

Halls, Kelly Milner 1150
Encyclopedia of Preserved People

The encyclopedia of preserved people : pickled, frozen, and mummified corpses from around the world

Prior, Natalie Jane 1170
Revenge of the Whale

Revenge of the whale : the true story of the whaleship Essex

Philbrick, Nathaniel 1170
The History Puzzle

The history puzzle : how we know what we know about the past

Beller, Susan 1180
The Egyptology handbook : a course in the wonders of Egypt

The Egyptology handbook : a course in the wonders of Egypt

Sands, Emily 1180
Mummies: Dried, Tanned, Sealed, Drained, Frozen, Embalmed, Stuffed, Wrapped and Smoked–and We’re Dead Serious

Mummies : dried, tanned, sealed, drained, frozen, embalmed, stuffed, wrapped, and smoked... and we're dead serious

Sloan, Christopher 1190 NC
Corpses, Coffins and Crypts

Corpses, coffins, and crypts : a history of burial

Colman, Penny 1190


Watkins, Richard 1200 NC


Macaulay, David 1250
Story of Mankind, The Van Loon, Hendrik Willem 1260
Adventures of Marco Polo

The adventures of Marco Polo

Freedman, Russell 1270
Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians

Perl, Lila 1320
Ancient Maya

The ancient Maya

Perl, Lila 1380


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