Children's Reading Suggestions

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shutterstock_116798275Fantasy: If you ❤ Harry Potter

Fantasy: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norman Juster

Historical Fiction: Little House on the Prairie

Adventure: 39 Clues

Horror/Scary: Scary Books Roundup

Adventure: Little Readers ❤ Excitement

Adventure: Big Readers ❤ Adventure

Poetry: Word of the Day: PIE

Historical Fiction: Little Readers ❤ Westerns

Fantasy, Mystery, Sports & Adventure: High Lexile Kids 

Historical Fiction: High Lexile Tween

Sports & Adventure: High Lexile Tween

Fantasy, Mystery and Supernatural Fiction: High Lexile Tween

Historical Fiction: American Girls historical series

Poetry: Claudia Lewis Awards

Historical: If you like Little House on the Prairie, LHOP series

Historical, Adventure: If you like the I Survived series

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