Children's Reading Suggestions

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Reading Programs (Lexile, AR)

Reading Program Comparison Chart (DRA, Reading A to Z, Fountas & Pinnell, Lexile, Reading Recovery, Wright Group)

How to Search for Books by Lexile using Novelist Pluslexile

High Lexile (1000+) Nonfiction children’s books

Facts, Language, Favorites, Parent Shelf, Religion

World History

Science & Math

Fine Arts, Machines, Making Stuff

More categories Coming Soon!

High Lexile (1000+) Children’s Biographies

High Lexile (1000+) Tween Fiction books

General Fiction

Historical Fiction

Sports & Adventure

Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural Fiction

High Lexile (1000+) Kids Fiction books

General, Easy, Historical Fiction

Fantasy, Mystery, Sports & Adventure, Tales

High Lexile (1000+) Pre-Reader books

High Lexile (1000+) Holiday books

Quick Picks for high Lexile titles (printable version)

Lexile Lookup (via Lexile)

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder (via Accelerated Reader)

Newbery Medalists by Lexile 

High Lexile Teen Books

Wondering why the public library doesn't shelve books by Lexile/AR like the school library?

Click here for an animated presentation to find out!

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