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Science!: What is the Dew Point?

shutterstock_139242983You might hear about the dew point when you listen to the weather report?  But what is it?

Click here for a basic explanation of what the dew point is then click on over here to get instructions for a neat experiment about how to calculate the dew point.




For more information about meteorology and weather, check out these books:


Weather Mania by Michael DispezioWeather mania : discovering what's up and what's coming down

Discusses air pressure, temperature, humidity, dew point, rain, wind, lightning, thunder, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other weather-related topics.




I Can Read about Weather by Robyn SupranerI can read about weather

Looks at how weather occurs, including information about evaporation, clouds, precipitation, and the job of meteorologists



Science Alive: Weather by Darlene LauwWeather

Introduces concepts related to weather through various activities and projects.

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Stuff to do instead of watching TV: Make a hand sundial


Timekeeping: Explore the history and science of telling time with 15 projects by Linda Formichelli & W. Eric Martin


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New Call Numbers, New Books: Science & Math

Our children’s collection reorganization continues apace!

To give you an idea of what is in each new collection category, the next several posts here will feature new books from each new category.

This area includes books on science fair projects, ecology, environment, weather, nature, etc.

Today, here are a few new books from our Science & Math area.


Basketball: Math on the Court by Tom RobinsonBasketball : math on the court

Explores mathematics found in basketball, including keeping score, player statistics, and time.






How do you burp in space? by Susan GoodmanHow do you burp in space? : and other tips every space tourist needs to know

A non-fiction travel guide to space tourism that includes information about accommodations, attractions, and more.






Candy Experiments by Loralee Leavitt Candy experiments

Presents scientific experiments that use candy to demonstrate such concepts as color, density, size, heat, crystalization, and stickiness.


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