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High Lexile (1000+) nonfiction: Fine Arts, Machines, Making Stuff

Cutters, Carvers and the Cathedral Ancona, George 1000 NC
Animals in ArtCome look with me : animals in art Blizzard, Gladys 1000
Panama CanalThe Panama Canal DuTemple, Lesley 1000
Professor Cook’s dynamite dinnersProfessor Cook's dynamite dinners Brash, Lorna 1000
You Wouldn’t Want to Work on the Brooklyn Bridge! An Enormous Project that Seemed ImpossibleYou wouldn't want to work on the Brooklyn Bridge! : an enormous project that seemed impossible Ratliff, Thomas 1010 IG
Professor Cook’s smashing snacksProfessor Cook's smashing snacks Brash, Lorna 1010
Food and Recipes of MexicoFood and recipes of Mexico Beatty, Theresa 1010
Flush! Treating WastewaterFlush! : treating wastewater Coombs, Karen Mueller 1020
Dance for Fun!Dance for fun! Craig Quijada, Balinda 1030 IG
CRAFTS for Pampering YourselfCRAFTS for Pampering Yourself Blake, Susannah 1030 IG
Pantheon, TheThe Pantheon DuTemple, Lesley 1030
Paul CezannePaul Cézanne Harris, Nathaniel 1030
CRAFTS for Revamping Your RoomCRAFTS for Revamping Your Room Blake, Susannah 1040 IG
X-ray Picture Book of Big buildings of the Ancient World  Jessop, Joanne 1040
African American Quilting African American quilting : the warmth of tradition Wilson, Sule Greg 1040
Subway: the story of tunnels, tubes and tracksSubway : the story of tunnels, tubes, and tracks Brimner, larry Dane 1040
On the Shuttle: Eight Days in Space On the shuttle : eight days in space Bondar, Barbara 1050
Amazing Paper Cuttings of Hans Christian Andersen The amazing paper cuttings of Hans Christian Andersen Brust, Beth Wagner 1060
Shakespeare: His Work and His WorldShakespeare : his work and his world Rosen, Michael 1060
Channel Tunnel, The The Channel Tunnel Donovan, Sandy 1060
My Indoor Garden My indoor garden Lerner, Carol 1070
Cooking the Austrian Way   Hughes, Helga 1070
Cooking the Australian Way   Germaine, Elizabeth 1070
Transformed: How Everyday Things are Made Transformed : how everyday things are made Slavin, Jim 1080 IG
Taj Mahal The Taj Mahal DuTemple, Lesley 1100
New York Subways The New York subways DuTemple, Lesley 1100

Brooklyn Bridge 

The Brooklyn Bridge

Curlee, Lynn 1160
Hi-tech Clothes Hi-tech clothes Spilsbury, Richard 1180
Wake Up Our Souls: A Celebration of Black American ArtistsWake up our souls : a celebration of Black American artists Bolden, Tonya 1190
Skyscraper Skyscraper Curlee, Lynn 1200
Gateway Arch The Gateway Arch Doherty, Craig 1200
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New Call Numbers, New Books: Machines

Our children’s collection reorganization continues apace!

To give you an idea of what is in each new collection category, the next several posts here will feature new books from each new category.

Machines covers anything that uses or applies mechanical or outside power in order to work.  This section includes popular topics such as vehicles, computers, construction equipment, and robots.

Today, here are a few new books from our Machines area.


Locomotive by Brian FlocaLOCOMOTIVE

Presents a visual exploration of America’s early railroads, examining the sounds, speed, and strength of the fledgling transcontinental locomotives and the experiences of pioneering travelers.





Construction Machines by John PerritanoProduct Details

Presents information about different types of construction equipment, how they work, their history, and how people use them, covering bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators, cranes, steamrollers, loaders, barges, tunneling machines, and pavers.




You Wouldn’t Want to Work on the Railroad! by Ian GrahamYou Wouldn't Want to Work on the Railroad! : A Track You'd Rather Not Go Down

Discover what life was like for the men who built the first transcontinental railroad in the world.

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Stuff to do instead of watching TV: Draw a tank



Draw 50 Vehicles: the step-by-step way to draw speedboats, spaceships, fire trucks and many more… by Lee Ames

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