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Did you know…Early Readers Club

ercBrownsburg Public Library is a distribution point for the United Way’s Early Readers Club!  Reading is fundamental to a child’s success, and Early Readers Club makes it easier for parents and caregivers to start their child off on the right track.

Drop off your registration form at the library, then stop by every month from September through May to receive a free picture book for each of your children under 6 years old.

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Where Are the Words?! Why and how to read wordless picture books with your child

Where are the words?!

Why and How to Read Wordless Picture Books With Your Child

Reading wordless pictures books allows children to flex their imagination muscles, encouraging themto tell a story using their own words and understanding of the illustrations they see.  They practice oral language development, grow their vocabularies, develop a sense of narrative structure and learn to decode illustrations for clues about a story’s plot…all important early literacy skills

Giving children an opportunity to find their own voice through storytelling allows them to practice being creative…and today’s confidently creative children are tomorrow’s innovative scientists, engineers and inventors as well as artists and authors!

Here are some ways to “read” a wordless picture book with your child:wordless picture books

  • Give the characters names
  • Ask your child what they think will happen next
  • Tell the story from different characters’ points of view
  • Ask your child to describe the scenery in the illustrations
  • Make up songs about the pictures
  • Ask your child what they think the characters are feeling and thinking
  • Hunt for repeated characters/visual elements on each page
  • If you are multilingual, tell the same story in different languages
  • Try to tell the story only with onomatopoeia (sound words like “whoosh”, “zoop”, “splut”) or non-words sounds
  • Act out the story with movements
  • Tell the story a different way each time you read it!

Printer-friendly brochure with booklist

Click here for a list of wordless books available at BPL!

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