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New Call Numbers, New Books: Machines

Our children’s collection reorganization continues apace!

To give you an idea of what is in each new collection category, the next several posts here will feature new books from each new category.

Machines covers anything that uses or applies mechanical or outside power in order to work.  This section includes popular topics such as vehicles, computers, construction equipment, and robots.

Today, here are a few new books from our Machines area.


Locomotive by Brian FlocaLOCOMOTIVE

Presents a visual exploration of America’s early railroads, examining the sounds, speed, and strength of the fledgling transcontinental locomotives and the experiences of pioneering travelers.





Construction Machines by John PerritanoProduct Details

Presents information about different types of construction equipment, how they work, their history, and how people use them, covering bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators, cranes, steamrollers, loaders, barges, tunneling machines, and pavers.




You Wouldn’t Want to Work on the Railroad! by Ian GrahamYou Wouldn't Want to Work on the Railroad! : A Track You'd Rather Not Go Down

Discover what life was like for the men who built the first transcontinental railroad in the world.

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Construction Zone

You may have noticed the construction zone behind the library…it’s our neighbor, Brownsburg Meadows, expanding their facility!

Brianna Sayres. Where do diggers sleep at night?

Joan Holub. Dig, Scoop, Kaboom!

Margery Cuyler. The Little Dump Truck.

June Sobel. B is for Bulldozer.


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