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If you like Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel, why not try…

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Fly Guy series by Tedd Arnold


When Buzz captures a fly to enter in The Amazing Pet Show, his parents and the judges tell him that a fly cannot be a pet, but Fly Guy proves them wrong. 

Rotten Ralph series by Jack Gantos


Ralph, a very, very, nasty cat, finally sees the error of his ways–or does he? 

Junie B Jones series by Barbara Park


In her own words, a young girl describes her feelings about starting kindergarten and what she does when she decides not to ride the bus home.

Babymouse series by Jennifer Holm

(KIDS Graphic Novel HOL)

An imaginative mouse dreams of being queen of the world, but will settle for an invitation to the most popular girl’s slumber party.

Lunch Lady and the series by Jarrett Krosoczka

(KIDS Graphic Novel KRO)

The school lunch lady is a secret crime fighter who uncovers an evil plot to replace all the popular teachers with robots.

Binky the Space Cat by Ashley Spires

(KIDS Graphic Novel SPI)

Binky, a beloved house cat, tries to prepare a rocket ship so that he can explore outer space, but he has second thoughts about taking off as he wonders how his owners would protect themselves against aliens if he weren’t there to help them.

Kat Kong by Dav Pilkey

(KIDS Sports & Adventure PIL)

A blend of manipulated photography, paintings, and collage accompanies a zany, inventive text that reveals how Dr. Varmint and Rosie Rodent capture Kat Kong and bring him back to Mousopolis, which leads to a thrilling climax of rampage and rescue.

Splurch Academy for Disruptive Boys by Julie Berry

(KIDS Fantasy BER)

When Cody Mack and the boys uncover an old, forgotten swimming pool hidden below the floor of SplurchAcademy‘s gymnasium they think it may provide them with an escape route, but the pool is overflowing with evil, monstrous squids.

Dragonbreath series by Ursula Vernon

(KIDS Fantasy VER)

Danny Dragonbreath and his friend Wendell get an up-close underwater tour of the Sargasso Sea from Danny’s sea-serpent cousin, encountering giant squid and mako sharks–and learn about standing up to bullies in the process.

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High Lexile (1000+) nonfiction: Science & Math

Physics Lab in a Housewares StorePhysics lab in a housewares store Friedhoffer, Bob 1000
Light Burnie, David 1000
Planet EarthPlanet earth Gilpin, Daniel 1000
Weather Farndon, John 1000
GalaxiesGalaxies Simon, Seymour 1010
Technology: a byte-size world! Technology : [a byte-size world!] Green, Dan 1010
MicroAliens: Dazzling Journeys with an Electron Microscope

Microaliens : dazzling journeys with an electron microscope


Tomb, Howard 1020 IG
Adventure in Space: The Flight to Fix the Hubble

Adventure in space : the flight to fix the Hubble


Scott, Elaine 1020
Destination: Mars

Destination: Mars


Simon, Seymour 1030
Earthquake Alert!

Earthquake alert!


Mehta-Jones, Shilpa 1030



Challoner, Jack 1030



Newmark, Ann 1040
Sand on the Move: the Story of Dunes

Sand on the move : the story of dunes


Gallant, Roy 1040
Bog Bodies

Bog bodies


Buell, Janet 1040
First on the Moon


Hehner, Barbara 1040
Alien Lifesearch: Quest for Extraterrestrial Organisms

Alien lifesearch : quest for extraterrestrial organisms


Jefferis, David 1050 IG



Cooper, Christopher 1050
Water Power

Water power : a true book


Petersen, Christine 1050
Spring Across America


Simon, Seymour 1060



Burnie, David 1060
Wind Power

Wind power


Petersen, Christine 1060


Parker, Steve 1070



Van Rose, Susanna 1070
Ocean and Sea

Ocean and sea


Parker, Steve 1070
Aliens From Earth: When Animals and Plants Invade Other Ecosystems

Aliens from Earth : when animals and plants invade other ecosystems


Batten, Mary 1070
Solar Power

Solar power : a true book


Petersen, Christine 1070
Alternative Energy

Alternative energy : a true book


Petersen, Christine 1080



Simon, Seymour 1080



Gamlin, Linda 1080
Mission Earth: Voyage to the Home Planet

Mission, Earth : voyage to the home planet


English, June 1080
Volcano Rising

Volcano rising


Rusch, Elizabeth 1090 NC
Case Closed: the Real Scoop on Detective Work

Case closed : the real scoop on detective work life


Meltzer, Milton 1090
To Space and Back

To space & back


Ride, Sally 1090
Prairie Builders

The prairie builders : reconstructing America's lost grasslands


Collard, Sneed 1090



Platt, Richard 1100 IG



Chin, Jason 1100 NC
Timekeeping : explore the history & science of telling time

Timekeeping : explore the history & science of telling time


Formichelli, Linda 1110
Volcano Alert!

Volcano alert!


Challen, Paul 1110



Armbruster, Ann 1110
Story of Salt

The story of salt


Kurlansky, Mark 1110
Freaky Flowers

Freaky flowers


Souza, D.M. 1110
Scholastic Atlas of Space

Scholastic atlas of space.


Vekteris, Donna 1120 IG
Cool Stuff and How It Works

Cool stuff and how it works


Woodford, Chris 1120 IG
Killer Rocks From Outer Space: Asteroids, Comets and Meteorites

Killer rocks from outer space : asteroids, comets, and meteorites


Koppes, Steven 1120
Tornado Alert!

Tornado alert!


Scavuzzo, Wendy 1120
Plant Invaders

Plant invaders


Souza, D.M. 1130



Ricciuti, Edward 1140
Endangered Plants

Endangered plants


Souza, D.M. 1150
Are We Alone? Scientists Search for Life in Space

Are we alone? : scientists search for life in space


Skurzynski, Gloria 1170
The Mangrove Tree: Planting Trees to Feed Families

The mangrove tree : planting trees to feed families


Roth, Susan 1190 NC
Handful of Dirt

A handful of dirt


Bial, Raymond 1190
Pioneering Ocean Depths

Pioneering ocean depths


Markle, Sandra 1200
Tracking Trash

Tracking trash : flotsam, jetsam, and the science of ocean motion


Burns, Loree Griffin 1200
Is There Life on Mars?

Is there life on Mars?


Fradin, Dennis Brindell 1200
Cave Sleuths

Cave sleuths


Lindop, Laurie 1220
El Nino: Stormy Weather for People and Wildlife

El Nino : stormy weather for people and wildlife


Arnold, Caroline 1250
Invisible Allies: Microbes that Shape Our Lives

Invisible allies : microbes that shape our lives


Farrell, Jeannette 1270


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Mark your calendars! Upcoming Preschooler Programs

For ages 3 1/2-6

Please click on the links below or Ask Us to register!


Tuesday, August 19


Hot Diggity Dog Express


Saturday, August 23


Preschool Express


Tuesday, August 26

4:30 pm

May The Force Be With You


Tuesday, September 9


Book Bites

**This program is conducted by BPL staff at Big Apple Bagels in Brownsburg and does not require registration**

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Last Week of Summer Reading

Don’t forget to come in for the last week of Summer Reading Program prizes and raffles!  Stop by the Children’s Desk on or before Sunday, July 27 to get your last punch.

It’s been a great summer!  We hope you had fun reading!

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Happy 4th of July!


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High Lexile (1000+) Children’s Books in BPL’s collection

For a full list of Kids/Tween/Pre-Reader fiction in BPL’s collection, click here:  Printer-friendly version


For a sortable Excel version, click here: Downloadable Excel version


For links to the BPL catalog to place holds on high lexile books, see the following posts:

High Lexile (1000+) Biographies

High Lexile (1000+) Tween Fiction books

High Lexile (1000+) Kids Fiction books

High Lexile (1000+) Pre-Reader books

High Lexile (1000+) Holiday books

Quick Picks for high Lexile titles (printable version)

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Back Pack Attack 2014

back pack attack

BPL is a donation dropoff site. For more information about the Back Pack Attack program, click here.


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Feeling a little lost @ your library? Click here for help!

Feeling a little lost in the newly reorganized Children’s section at the library this summer?  This brochure explains the why and what of the changes.

why are there new call numbers



Still lost?  Ask Us for help finding what you need!

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There’s a party at the library, and everybody is invited!

shutterstock_196555877Summer Reading Program Kickoff


June 9, 2014

6-8 pm



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Scholastic Book Fair @ your library June 9-16

¡Ven a la biblioteca!  Come to the library!  Get some great new books and support your library at the same time!

June 9-16, 2014

book fair

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