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Turning Huh? into AHA!: Free science and math tutoring from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Got a science or math homework question, and need some help? Call, email or chat live to get free science and math help from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology’s Homework Hotline!

Tutoring is available September-May, Sunday-Thursday 7-10pm, for science and math topics for grades 6-12.

Visit the Homework Hotline website to submit questions by email or chat, or call 1-877-ASK-ROSE (1-877-275-7673).

For more information about the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, click here.

Click here for study guides in science and math topics for grades 6 and up.

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High Lexile (1000+) nonfiction: Science & Math

Physics Lab in a Housewares StorePhysics lab in a housewares store Friedhoffer, Bob 1000
Light Burnie, David 1000
Planet EarthPlanet earth Gilpin, Daniel 1000
Weather Farndon, John 1000
GalaxiesGalaxies Simon, Seymour 1010
Technology: a byte-size world! Technology : [a byte-size world!] Green, Dan 1010
MicroAliens: Dazzling Journeys with an Electron Microscope

Microaliens : dazzling journeys with an electron microscope


Tomb, Howard 1020 IG
Adventure in Space: The Flight to Fix the Hubble

Adventure in space : the flight to fix the Hubble


Scott, Elaine 1020
Destination: Mars

Destination: Mars


Simon, Seymour 1030
Earthquake Alert!

Earthquake alert!


Mehta-Jones, Shilpa 1030



Challoner, Jack 1030



Newmark, Ann 1040
Sand on the Move: the Story of Dunes

Sand on the move : the story of dunes


Gallant, Roy 1040
Bog Bodies

Bog bodies


Buell, Janet 1040
First on the Moon


Hehner, Barbara 1040
Alien Lifesearch: Quest for Extraterrestrial Organisms

Alien lifesearch : quest for extraterrestrial organisms


Jefferis, David 1050 IG



Cooper, Christopher 1050
Water Power

Water power : a true book


Petersen, Christine 1050
Spring Across America


Simon, Seymour 1060



Burnie, David 1060
Wind Power

Wind power


Petersen, Christine 1060


Parker, Steve 1070



Van Rose, Susanna 1070
Ocean and Sea

Ocean and sea


Parker, Steve 1070
Aliens From Earth: When Animals and Plants Invade Other Ecosystems

Aliens from Earth : when animals and plants invade other ecosystems


Batten, Mary 1070
Solar Power

Solar power : a true book


Petersen, Christine 1070
Alternative Energy

Alternative energy : a true book


Petersen, Christine 1080



Simon, Seymour 1080



Gamlin, Linda 1080
Mission Earth: Voyage to the Home Planet

Mission, Earth : voyage to the home planet


English, June 1080
Volcano Rising

Volcano rising


Rusch, Elizabeth 1090 NC
Case Closed: the Real Scoop on Detective Work

Case closed : the real scoop on detective work life


Meltzer, Milton 1090
To Space and Back

To space & back


Ride, Sally 1090
Prairie Builders

The prairie builders : reconstructing America's lost grasslands


Collard, Sneed 1090



Platt, Richard 1100 IG



Chin, Jason 1100 NC
Timekeeping : explore the history & science of telling time

Timekeeping : explore the history & science of telling time


Formichelli, Linda 1110
Volcano Alert!

Volcano alert!


Challen, Paul 1110



Armbruster, Ann 1110
Story of Salt

The story of salt


Kurlansky, Mark 1110
Freaky Flowers

Freaky flowers


Souza, D.M. 1110
Scholastic Atlas of Space

Scholastic atlas of space.


Vekteris, Donna 1120 IG
Cool Stuff and How It Works

Cool stuff and how it works


Woodford, Chris 1120 IG
Killer Rocks From Outer Space: Asteroids, Comets and Meteorites

Killer rocks from outer space : asteroids, comets, and meteorites


Koppes, Steven 1120
Tornado Alert!

Tornado alert!


Scavuzzo, Wendy 1120
Plant Invaders

Plant invaders


Souza, D.M. 1130



Ricciuti, Edward 1140
Endangered Plants

Endangered plants


Souza, D.M. 1150
Are We Alone? Scientists Search for Life in Space

Are we alone? : scientists search for life in space


Skurzynski, Gloria 1170
The Mangrove Tree: Planting Trees to Feed Families

The mangrove tree : planting trees to feed families


Roth, Susan 1190 NC
Handful of Dirt

A handful of dirt


Bial, Raymond 1190
Pioneering Ocean Depths

Pioneering ocean depths


Markle, Sandra 1200
Tracking Trash

Tracking trash : flotsam, jetsam, and the science of ocean motion


Burns, Loree Griffin 1200
Is There Life on Mars?

Is there life on Mars?


Fradin, Dennis Brindell 1200
Cave Sleuths

Cave sleuths


Lindop, Laurie 1220
El Nino: Stormy Weather for People and Wildlife

El Nino : stormy weather for people and wildlife


Arnold, Caroline 1250
Invisible Allies: Microbes that Shape Our Lives

Invisible allies : microbes that shape our lives


Farrell, Jeannette 1270


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Word of the Day: ‘RITHMETIC

The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane YolenThe devil's arithmetic

Hannah resents stories of her Jewish heritage and of the past until, when opening the door during a Passover Seder, she finds herself in Poland during World War II where she experiences the horrors of a concentration camp, and learns why she– and we–need to remember the past.





Arithmetic by Carl Sandburg

A poem about numbers and their characteristics. Features anamorphic, or distorted, drawings which can be restored to normal by viewing from a particular angle or by viewing the image’s reflection in the provided Mylar cone.

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Multiplication Makes Art

Artist Stefanie Posavec creates beautiful art out of words, sentences and even multiplication.  She gives each number a special shape and color, then does very long multiplication problems with them to create beautiful patterns.  Here’s one example:

multiplication art

Check out more examples of turning math into art on her website, and then check out this book turning art into math…

Math-terpieces : the art of problem-solving by by Greg TangMath-terpieces : the art of problem-solving
A series of rhymes about artists and their works introduces counting and grouping numbers, as well as such artistic styles as cubism, pointillism, and surrealism.
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New Call Numbers, New Books: Science & Math

Our children’s collection reorganization continues apace!

To give you an idea of what is in each new collection category, the next several posts here will feature new books from each new category.

This area includes books on science fair projects, ecology, environment, weather, nature, etc.

Today, here are a few new books from our Science & Math area.


Basketball: Math on the Court by Tom RobinsonBasketball : math on the court

Explores mathematics found in basketball, including keeping score, player statistics, and time.






How do you burp in space? by Susan GoodmanHow do you burp in space? : and other tips every space tourist needs to know

A non-fiction travel guide to space tourism that includes information about accommodations, attractions, and more.






Candy Experiments by Loralee Leavitt Candy experiments

Presents scientific experiments that use candy to demonstrate such concepts as color, density, size, heat, crystalization, and stickiness.


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