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Junior Biographies with 1000+ Lexile

on April 22, 2014

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Lexile 1000:

L. Frank Baum. (Carpenter, Angelica Shirley)

Out of Darkness: The Story of Louis Braille. (Freedman, Russell)

Cleopatra. (Stanley, Diane)

Buffalo Bill Cody. (Hamilton, John)

On the Field with …Julie Foudy. (Christopher, Matt)

Where was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? (Fritz, Jean)

Shannon Lucid: Space Ambassador (Bredeson, Carmen)

Giants of Science: Isaac Newton (Krull, Kathleen)

Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the underground railroad (Petry, Ann)

Jesse Ventura (Greenberg, Keith)

Laura Ingalls Wilder (Anderson, William)

The Boy on the Wooden Box: how the impossible became possible on Schindler’s List (Leyson, Leon)

Wild Boy: the real life of the savage of Aveyron (Losure, Mary)

Lexile 1010:

Young Abe Lincoln (Harness, Cheryl)

Leonardo Da Vinci (Stanley, Diane)

Lucille Ball: Pioneer of Comedy (Krohn, Katherine)

Barnum’s Bones: How Barnum Brown Discovered the Most Famous Dinosaur in the World (Fern, Tracey)

War Boy: A Country Childhood (Foreman, Michael)

Make Way for Sam Houston (Fritz, Jean)

I’ve Seen the Promised Land: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Myers, Walter Dean)

Elephant Woman: Cynthia Moss Explores the World of Elephants (Pringle, Laurence)

Midnight Forests: A Story of Gifford Pinchot and Our National Forests (Hines, Gary)

Soldiers’ Voice: The Story of Ernie Pyle (O’Connor, Barbara)

The Wright Sister: Katharine Wright and Her Famous Brothers (Maurer, Richard)

You never heard of Willie Mays? (Jonah Winter) 

Lexile 1020:

Major Taylor: Champion Cyclist (Ransome-Cline, Lesa)

J.M. Barrie: The Magic Behind Peter Pan (Aller, Susan Bivin)

Gus Grissom: A Space Biography (Bredeson, Carmen)

Thomas Jefferson: Father of Liberty (Ferris, Jeri)

Her Piano Sang (Allman, Barbara)

Pioneer Girl: Growing Up On the Prairie (Warren, Andrea)

Lexile 1030:

Where the Flame Trees Bloom (Ada, Alma Flor)

Genius: A Photobiography of Albert Einstein (Delano, Marfe Ferguson)

Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary (Verhoeven, Rian)

Alexander Hamilton: the Outsider (Fritz, Jean)

Great Little Madison (Fritz, Jean)

Sir Walter Ralegh and the Quest for El Dorado (Aronson, Marc)

Promises to Keep (Robinson, Sharon)

Lexile 1040:

Last Princess: the Story of Princess Ka’iulani of Hawaii (Stanley, Fay)

Clara Barton (Krensky, Stephen)

Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World (Faber, Doris)

Louisa May’s Battle: how the Civil War led to Little Women (Krull, Kathleen)

Lexile 1050:

On the Bus with Joanna Cole (Cole, Joanna)

Hippos in the Night (Allen, Christina)

Winston Churchill: Soldier, Statesman, Artist (Severance, John)

Columbus and the World Around Him (Meltzer, Milton)

Creating Something Out of Nothing: Marie Curie and Radium (McClafferty, Carla Killough)

One Beetle Too Many: the Extraordinary Adventures of Charles Darwin (Lasky, Kathryn)

Wild Colorado (Maurer, Richard)

Thomas Edison (Adkins, Jan)

Sigmund Freud: Pioneer of the Mind (Reef, Catherine)

Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary (Myers, Walter Dean)

John Muir: America’s First Environmentalist (Lasky, Kathryn)

Kate Shelley: Bound for Legend (San Souci, Robert)

Lexile 1060:

Cleopatra (Green, Robert)

Darwin (McGinty, Alice)

Bruce Lee (Pawlak, Debra Ann)

George Lucas: Creator of Star Wars (Rau, Dana)

J.K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter (Shapiro, Marc)

Brilliant Streak: The Making of Mark Twain (Lasky, Kathryn)

Lexile 1070:

Sir Edmund Hillary: To Everest and Beyond (Stewart, Whitney)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Freedman, Russell)

Queen Victoria (Green, Robert)

Lexile 1080:

Kubla Khan: the Emperor of Everything (Krull, Kathleen)

Dragon Bones and Dinosaur Eggs: a Photobiography of Roy Chapman Andrews (Bausum, Ann)

Al Gore: a Wake-Up Call to Global Warming (Anderson, Dale)

John Muir: Protecting and Preserving the Environment (Elliot, Henry)

Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story (Perl, Lila)Boy : tales of childhood

Lexile 1090:

Rachel Carson and the Environmentalist Movement (Landau, Elaine)

Boy (Dahl, Roald)

Jack: the Early Years of John F. Kennedy (Cooper, Ilene)

Woodsong (Paulsen, Gary)

Lexile 1100:

Life and Death of Crazy Horse (Freedman, Russell)

Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery (Freedman, Russell)

Lexile 1110:

George Lucas (Woog, Adam)

Native American Doctor: the Story of Susan LaFlesche Picotte (Ferris, Jeri)

Lexile 1130:

Dickens: His Work and His World (Rosen, Michael)

On the Halfpipe With…Tony Hawk (Christopher, Matt)

Mickey Mantle (Marlin, John)

Lexile 1140:

Young Hans Christian Andersen (Hesse, Karen)

Inventing the Future: a Photobiography of Thomas Alva Edison (Delano, Marfe Ferguson)

M.L.K.: Journey of a King (Bolden, Tonya)

Charles A. Lindbergh: A Human Hero (Giblin, James Cross)

Lexile 1150:

My Life in Dog Years (Paulsen, Gary)

Lexile 1160:

Miss Etta and Dr. Claribel: bringing Matisse to America (Fillion, Susan)

Lexile 1180:

Voice That Challenged a Nation (Freedman, Russell)

Across America on an Emigrant Train (Murphy, Jim)

Lexile 1190:

Ed Begley, Jr.: Living Green (Grayson, Robert)

Maritcha (Bolden, Tonya)

Bill Peet: An Autobiography (Peet, William)

Lexile 1200+:

Dangerous Engine (Dash, Joan)

Mr. Sam: How Sam Walton Built Wal-Mart and Became America’s Richest Man (Blumenthal, Karen)

Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian Books (Paulsen, Gary)

Puppies, Dogs and Blue Northers (Paulsen, Gary)

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